Avoid denied RMA’s by preventing these inaccuracies

The MoviParts RMA department regularly faces RMA’s that unfortunately must be denied. From incorrectly packaged items to products that haven’t been tested before installing: it’s important to be aware of these easily avoidable inaccuracies. Therefore, we asked our RMA specialists Adnan from our headquarters in The Netherlands and Kashif from our office in Spain which inaccuracies they often notice, so you can avoid your RMA to be denied.


The most common RMA inaccuracies according to our specialists


1: Not testing before installing.

It is important to test your products before using and installing them. Testing before installing could help you notice any defects in advance. If displays are already installed whenever they arrive at us, we will unfortunately not be able to accept your RMA.


2: Wrong placement of flex cables.

Our RMA department often comes across flex cable issues. Most of the products that get denied for RMA approval, contain a damaged flex cable or connector. The damage is caused by incorrect placement during installation or bending of the flex cables.

Remarkable is that most denied RMA’s come from iPhone series 7 and 8 displays that were harmed during installation. Especially these series require to be installed very carefully, because any lack of precision could lead to a harmed touch or display.


3: Removal of protective foils.

The protective foils should not be removed before returning the products. Don’t remove any foils until sure it is going to be installed. Make sure the product is as close to its original state (which includes the foils) before claiming the RMA, because otherwise it will be denied.


4: Incorrectly packed returns.

Products should be returned in a way that is closest to its original state. This means that RMA’s should contain the original packaging. Another important thing regarding the packaging of the returned product, is the protection. Products should be carefully packed by using bubble foil, enough layers of carton or proper boxes. This way, we’ll more surely receive the package in the state in which you shipped it.


5: Sending products that aren’t ours.

Every now and then, we receive so-called returns that actually come from another supplier. Make sure that the returned product is 100% ours before shipping. We can tell by the visible and invisible markings what belongs to us and what doesn’t.


6: Returning without mentioning the problem or defect.

Sometimes we receive products of which we don’t know what is exactly wrong with them. Therefore, it is important to clearly mention the problem or defect you’re facing. Give us as much information about the problem as you can, if applicable supported by photos and videos.


Ways to avoid denied RMA’s

The best way to avoid denied RMA’s, is by keeping the things listed above in mind. In order of approval, products should be returned precisely and carefully. Before submitting and sending your RMA, we ask you to send us additional information about the problem or defect, eventually supplemented with photos or videos. This speeds up the processing of your RMA and can sometimes even help us solve your problems from a distance, without you having to ship and return the product.

Do you have any additional questions about your returned products or our RMA process in general? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help!