About circularity and sustainability: an interview with Jurrie Christians from 4Phones

This month, the newest edition of the Dutch magazine “Circulaire It” was released, in which an interesting interview with our Managing Director, Jurrie Christians, can be found. In this interview, Jurrie mentions the importance of the repair industry in the reduction of technological waste, while explaining that 4Phones is part of a circular model where every piece sold has a complete life cycle. This means that parts don’t end up in the trash can, but sometimes are re-purchased from customers for recycling purposes with the 4Phones Buyback program.

In the same article, we also get to know about Rob Wierenga from QC Centre Europe, a fulfillment company that works from China with over 80 customers worldwide. Their role in this circular business model is vital, as the impact of transportation can be one of the biggest polluters. QC’s solution to this was very smart, as they started joining orders from different companies in the same shipment, saving not only money but also helping the planet in the long run. 

We from 4Phones strongly believe that these small efforts are the ones that will eventually generate a real change in the future. Little by little, and with everyone contributing, we can really reduce the ecological footprint our day-to-day activities are leaving.


If you want to read the whole article, written by Rashid Niamat, click here:

NOTE: The article is originally written in Dutch, but there is an English translation available. 


For more information about 4Phones email Jurrie Christians at jurrie@4phones.eu or call +316 240 959 23.

Want to know more about QC Centre? Contact Rob Wierenga at rob@qc-centre.com or call +316 229 742 48.